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The Watch 4/?

Title: The Watch IV

Characters: Jack/Ianto, The Doctor (10), Owen, Gwen, Tosh…

Rating: PG

Warning: Slight Gwen-bashing?; unintentional!

Summary: Hiding can sometimes be tricky; especially when you do not know what you are hiding from or what you may lose when it is revealed. Set post-End of Days (slight spoilers for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang).


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The Campbell Universe - new chapter

Title: Campbell Verse – Chapter Three
Pairings: Mary/John, Dean/Sam
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: Really???
Plot: What if… Mary had taken Dean’s advice and done what she could to stop what he had warned about happening? She leaves John and survives to see her fortieth birthday – until she accidentally reunited with John – and his son Sam.

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